Berlin: End User feedback week and Human Factor study from July 5th-9th


After a long period of online work only, this week was the first chance to work together face-to-face again. Some important milestones of the SHOTPROS project and the development of our Virtual Reality police training have been made: 

Important research about stress and performance was done. The focus was on how certain stimuli (“human factors”) can contribute to an increased stress level and then influence the decision making and acting of a police officer in a scenario-based training. Additionally, this week also served to collect direct feedback from end-users. 

Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) of the consortium and LEA advisors were invited – more than 60 people from 6 different countries and many different organisations tried out the system to deliver valuable feedback and get a first hands-on experience. Having all these organisations together allowed for international collaboration in the area of VR training of Police, as well as a knowledge exchange on VR experiences. For example, multiple LEAs described with which systems they had worked, and how those systems compared to the system being used by SHOTPROS. On top of that, this activity served to establish contacts for future activities as well.  

The feedback is currently being analysed and then translated into a requirements list for the SHOTPROS project. It was also used to prepare for future events to come, such as the VR trials in Enschede in October (more information here) and December (more information here).

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